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Leaders inspire and give direction to organisations’ efforts to achieve Diversity & Ethical Business (DEB) goals.


Valuing employees and supporting their wellbeing can make the difference to a company’s ability to achieve its DEB objectives.


Robust systems are required to support the delivery of DEB objectives. Tracking the effectiveness of DEB strategies is vital to achieving quality results.


The modern business environment relies on interdependent networks of stakeholders. This presents opportunities to influence stakeholder agencies’ DEB practices.


Improvement in business results from DEB best practice requires allocating resources commensurate with the company’s aspirations.​


Taking Corporate Social Responsibility means operating in an ethical way which benefits society.​


There are practical choices companies can make in their day-to-day operations to have a benign impact on the environment.​


Companies are discovering that diverse and inclusive workplaces deliver measurable improvements on their bottom-line.

Gain a feel for the Diversity Dividend Assessment by completing our G8Way Questionnaire. 


Completing the G8Way Assessment opens the door to your listing in the Diversity Index. Arguably the most important feature of the Diversity Dividend is the Diversity Marketplace where companies can access Good Practice, CSR Standards, Business Improvement Tools, Approved Training Courses, and Webinars. These products are designed to advance your company’s ethical business practice. Undertaking any activity listed in the marketplace will earn your company points that improve its ranking in the Diversity Index.


Work with one of our quality assured DD Coaches listed in the Marketplace to improve your company’s standing in the Diversity Index. These experts are authorised to advise you, audit your company’s performance and provide action plans for achieving your DEB objectives. They are skilled at advising on the best route to improving your ranking in the Diversity Index. Coaches also have the authority to reward your company’s effort with points in the Diversity Index.

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