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The Diversity Dividend (DD) is a dynamic space where organisations can benchmark their ethical business practices against others in the global Marketplace. You will find that as a DD member you are joining a fraternity of organisations who are competitive but also willing to share their experiences with you. If you want to harvest the dividends that accrue from investing in diversity and ethical business practice Join Us.

Complete our G8Way Check that gives you a feel for the DD G8Way Assessment process which is simply a series of questionnaires that generates your ranking in the Diversity Index.

The most important feature of the Diversity Dividend is the Marketplace where you can access Good Practice, CSR Standards, Business Improvement Tools, Approved Training Courses, and Webinars. All these products are designed to help your business reap the benefit of ethical business practice and earn points to improve your company’s ranking in the Diversity Index.

Take advantage of our DD Coaches who have the authority to reward your company’s effort with points that increase you stock in the Diversity Index.

Gain a feel for the Diversity Dividend Assessment by completing our G8Way Questionnaire. 

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