This section of the G8Way Assessment is concerned with how the company allocates resources needed to secure the dividends from Diversity & Ethical Business (DEB) practice. Those resources should be commensurate to the company’s aspirations to be an outstanding business. 

Too often the advancement of the DEB business case has been hampered by lack of leadership, inconsistent approaches and misguided knee jerk reactions to legal sanctions. All of those factors have obscured the benefits a systematic approach to DEB can bring and led to companies underfunding DEB strategies. Success in harvesting the diversity dividend requires a consistent approach and companies making a solid investment in the range of resources needed to generate business results in the top and bottom lines.  

Your answers here will set your G8Way score in the Resources section of Diversity Index

Responses Scale 0-10  (0 = Not true) (10 = True) (each number is a point)

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