This part of the G8Way Assessment is concerned with the systems a company has in place to facilitate its Diversity & Ethical Business (DEB) objectives.  Robust systems are required to support the delivery of Diversity & Ethical Business (DEB) objectives. Tracking the effectiveness of DEB strategies is vital to achieving quality results. It is not enough to adopt what feel like creative and innovative policies or programmes, or feel comfortable that you are getting things right because those practices are lauded as leading practices externally. Instead, it’s fundamental that you identify and track robust, relevant KPIs to measure the success of any DEB intervention you initiate. Monitoring performance and course correction is crucial to success, otherwise the best intentions can remain just that.  

Your answers here will set your G8Way score in the Systems section of Diversity Index

Responses Scale 0-10  (0 = Not true) (10 = True) (each number is a point)

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