Benefits include accessing to a network of organisations dedicated to ethical business practice; benchmarking your company’s performance against sector leaders.

The Index is an indicator of member companies’ ethical business performance in 8 Key areas. Think of it as a Diversity Stock Exchange. Visibility in the Index signals your company’s ambition to achieve best in class ethical business performance.

Begin by completing the questionnaires in the G8Way. This provide you with your initial entry level scores in the Index. To improve your scores simply engage in the activities in the Diversity Marketplace. Each activity earns you points in the Index.

Marketplace activities have been carefully selected to provide DD Members with first-class expertise that can propel them to become best in class ethical businesses. The providers of Marketplace services have been carefully vetted to ensure they assist your company to achieve the dividends that diversity brings to a business.

The Diversity Dividend rewards good practice with points. On the rare occasion where a company falls short, points can be deducted from the Index. For instance where actions are brought against a company for discrimination or pollution the DD Board will consider reducing points. There is a clear process laid down in the membership terms and conditions for points reduction which includes how a company can appeal the deduction.

Diversity Coaches are handpicked experts who members can commission to support their drive to be best-in class. Coaches are able to audit DD Members’, policies and diversity strategies; they will also provide the action plans needed to bring about improvements. They can also point to which Marketplace products are best suited to deliver strong results.

We handpick coaches and display their backgrounds in their DD Coach profile. To help you decide which coach is suited to your business there is a 5 Star rating supplied by members that have uses their services.

There is a sector view which you can use to see companies in your sector. This requires that you indicate your sector in sign-up.

Diversity Dividend is designed to facilitate collaboration between organisations who share the common-purpose of achieving best-in class diversity practice. Members are encourage to share strategies and to that end the Index gives a members the ability to indicate their wish to collaborate.

Keep an eye on our Diversity News page for regional recognition events where members will be able socialise face to face. DD also has an active social media presence where members can exchange ideas.

That is entirely up to you. Obviously, the more effort you make the higher your company will be positioned on the Index.

Exit from Diversity Dividend Index is under your control and can be achieved by the click of a button.

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